About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Arts and Culture Commission is to promote and nurture the arts and cultural life of the City of Beverly Hills.

The Arts and Culture Commission is designed to promote and champion the cultural image of the City of Beverly Hills, reflecting a diversity of artists, works of art, and cultural events to enhance the everyday experiences of its citizens and visitors, and to assure its accessibility to everyone.

Our Work

The Commission administers the public art program, with particular investment and focus on fine art works by world-renowned artists.  The expansion of their purview into public art of various types and cultural programs, events and activities, occurred as a result of the City’s arts and culture expansion initiative in 2019.  Through this initiative Beverly Hills’s goal is to be a world class arts and culture city, that offers a thriving and robust arts and culture scene, that both residents and visitors love and embrace!

Our Meetings

The Commission regularly meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 10:00 am at City Hall, 455 N. Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Our meeting room is Room 280-A, on the 2nd floor, adjacent to City Council Chambers.

Our Commissioners

There are five members on the Arts and Culture Commission. The Commission is a advisory to the Beverly Hills City Council. The Commissioners serve staggered two-year terms, with a single four-year reappointment possible. The Community Services Department provides staff support for the Arts and Culture Commission.

Chair, Liliana Filipovic

Term: 07/01/20 – 06/30/26

Commissioner, Deborah Frank

Term: 01/01/19 – 12/31/24

Vice Chair, Maralee Beck

Term: 07/01/21 – 06/30/23

Commissioner, Karla Gordy Bristol

Term: 07/01/21 – 06/30/23

Commissioner, Pamela Beck

Term: 7/01/22 – 06/30/24

City of Beverly Hills Staff

Director of Community Services
– Jenny Rogers


Recreation Services Manager
– Benjamin Johnson


Executive Assistant
– Aida Thau


Recreation Supervisor

Assistant Director of Community Services
– Patty Acuna


Senior Recreation Supervisor
– Paul Paolone


Recreation Supervisor
– Adrine Ovasapyan


Office Assistant
– Jessica Barragen