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In 2017, the Commission declared October as Civility Month in Beverly Hills to further the civility initiative in the City and promote positive human relations in all aspects of community life.

To commemorate the month, banners and posters are displayed throughout the City as reminders and Commissioners will be distributing Embrace Civility pins to those demonstrating acts of civility and kindness.

The Human Relations Commission invites every member of this community to support an environment where civility, respect, and responsible actions prevail.

Get Involved! Show us what civility means to you!

Civility Challenges will be posted on social media @CommunityLifeBH throughout the month, so be sure to follow us.  Spread the message by sharing acts of kindness and post your civility moments to your social media platforms.  Tag us @CommunityLifeBH or use hashtag #BHCivilCity so we can share and repost!

Civility Challenges

  • Hold the door open for someone or gesture them through the door first.
  • Post a positive quote or uplifting message on your social media platforms.
  • Don't take your stress out on others!  Take advantage of positive de-stressors such BH Wellness Wednesdays or Meditation Mondays.
  • Find commonalities with others.  Share what you like about a friend, relative or co-worker.
  • Let others know you appreciate them.  Show gratitude!
  • Apologize sooner and sincerely.
  • Share what civility means to you and why it matters!
  • Use only kind and encouraging words for the next 24 hours.
  • Practice Digital Civility!  Don't post or send anything that could hurt someone else, damage someone's reputation, or threaten anyone's safety, including your own.
  • Leave a great review for your favorite local business.
  • Get to know your neighbors!  

 Day of Giving

Hashtag BHCivilCity

See below to learn more about the Human Relations Commission's Embrace Civility Initiatives
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